Learn more about Maxiwall 2015 – our free design software!

Maxiwall 2015 is a user-friendly design software capable of calculating conventional gravity retaining and composite retaining walls. Utilising various Terraforce elements, it is capable of performing the necessary calculations based on varying input values, design parameters and statutory requirements. Design calculations performed by Maxiforce should be checked and verified by a registered Professional Engineer who is familiar with the site conditions and project materials. The calculations performed by Maxiforce, the Design Software for Segmental Retaining Walls are for PRELIMINARY PURPOSES ONLY.

Rigorous laboratory tests were conducted pertaining to interblock shear resistance, whole block compressive strength and geogrid pull-out resistance. In the pull-out tests, the primary failure was rupture of the geogrid outside the blocks and performance was found to be above average, based on experience with a large number of systems tested over many years.



Terraforce also offers a professional design service for Terraforce walls. Get industry leading expert advice and customised approaches to retaining wall design.

What is Terrasafe about:

Terrasafe provides first-class engineering, management, and specialist technical service to users of Terraforce products. We aim to set industry standards and make a significant contribution throughout South Africa and the world.

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Composite walls with reinforced earth - coming soon


TERRAFORCE: Your living concrete wall.

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Why Terraforce?

  • A living wall

    The unique hollow-core design allows you to make plants a part of your wall and allows water to drain back into the ground. Use low-water-use plants to create a landscape that’s sustainable. Plant growth also deters graffiti.
  • Durability

    Concrete will not rot and weaken over time, and no chemical preservatives are required. Blocks can be replaced if damage occurs.
  • Mortarless and interlocking systems

    The units are simply stacked up without mortar to provide a cost effective, do-it-yourself system. Can be used for light revetment cladding, medium-to-heavy gravity retaining walls, heavy duty composite walls in combination with earth reinforcing grids (fabrics) or reinforced concrete infill.
  • Layout flexibility

    The half moon interlock easily handles convex and concave curves, and the wall angle can vary from vertical to shallow slopes. Create steps by reversing the block.
  • Colours and textures

    Choose between round, straight or rock face finish. Consult your local supplier about available colours.
  • Easy to use

    The blocks are lightweight for easy delivery, handling and installation, yet heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete. Fence and handrail posts can be set within blocks.

Light gravity walls, single skin


Heavy gravity walls, double skin


Reinforced vertical walls, double skin


Composite walls with geo-grid reinforced earth backfill

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